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May 23 - Aug 11
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Welcome to the 2018 Teen Summer Reading Challenge "Libraries ROCK!"
Wednesday, May 23 - Saturday, August 11
For Teens ages 12-18
Read books. play BINGO, earn virtual badges, and win an entry in a the prize drawings for $50 gift cards to the retailer of your choice OR cool high top sneakers!
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by Veronica Roth

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I was comparing scenes from Divergent and Four. They actually line up really well.

Free four
by Veronica Roth

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Personally I really enjoyed it. Before I read the book I thought that Four's emotions were limited to really mad or happy but whether or not you believe it turns out that he has more than two emotions. All and all I really like the book. My only complaint is that she didn't make it longer other than that I loved it ( :

Mandie Book Series
by Lois Gladys Leppard Mandie Books

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mandie is always running into mysteries and into danger. she is always willing to share the gospel with those in need. she and her friends just solved a mystery about a man that was crying on a boat. they also figured out where the stolen paintings were at.

Warriors The Fourth Apprentice
by Erin Hunter

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Erin Hunter is an amazing author, she is creative and she cares for her readers!

The Face On The Milk Carton
by Caroline B Cooney

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Once you start to read this book you won't be able to put it down. It is a real page turner . It will make you want to read the next book . I really enjoyed reading this book.

by Veronica Roth

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This is a good telling of Four's side of the Divergent story.

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
by J.k. Rowling

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Harry Potter gets sorted into his house, gryffindor , and makes a new friend Neville. He starts to think of Hermione as a teacher's pet more and more. He has his first flying lesson with madam Hooch. Neville breaks his arm and has to go to the infirmary.

Whatever Happened To Janie
by Caroline B Cooney

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What surprised me about this book is that Jennie went back to her other family instead of staying with her real family. My part in the book was when Stepheb and Jodie,Jennie's brother and sister, went to New York to find Hannah,the person who had kidnapped Jennie so many years ago, but they did real have much luck. Jennie's real mother sent her a letter and she began to cry because she actually started to miss her real family. She didn't tell her "mother" because she didn't want to hurt her feelings.

Bud Not Buddy
by Christopher Paul Curtis

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A boy on a mission to find his father. Turns out that it is his grandfather

Out Of The Dust
by Karen Hesse

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I think it was boring, but it was cool how the whole book was in poems. She ends up really liking mad dog craddick and her hands are healing up better and better each day.
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